Chasing the Sun
HD , 16 x 30′
Chasing the Sun follows adventure-seeker, former Pro surfer and International model Stephen Jake Friedman – the host and creator of successful TV travel show The Blueprint, (Fox Networks), as he sets out on a new adventure.
There are always 2 sides to a story but not every series truly shows that. Chasing the Sun is not your typical travel show as it is set in a way that tells a story thorough the People of the country Stephen meets along the way. As the Locals tell their story Stephen uses each experience to rediscover who he is. This series is full of color and beauty which paints the world we live in. We have set this show to stand out from the rest and set a bench mark of why we are all born to explore. This is a story about Chasing the Sun and finding happiness along the way. You may cry, you may laugh, but you will definitely fall in love with the world we live in and the people’s stories that connect us to it.

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