w_firstascent_seriesFirst Ascent: The Series
HD, 6 X 30′

For the average person, traveling to the last remote and untouched regions of Earth is only a dream. For the boldest, most intrepid explorers among us, seeking out unconquered monoliths and trekking across the most jaw-droppingly beautiful landscapes on the planet is just a way of life.

“First Ascent: The Series” is a ground-breaking Miniseries Event, shot in stunning HD, from the Emmy Award-winning producers of outdoor adventure masterpiece ‘King Lines’. This series profiles the most extraordinary, top-level adventure athletes in the world as they attempt feats so dangerous, so difficult, so potentially deadly, you may not believe your eyes.

Each episode of “First Ascent” features compelling, character-driven stories, stunning action cinematography and beautiful locations across five continents.

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