HD , 1 X 120′

Over the past seven years, surfing enthusiast and filmmaker Tim Bonython has spent every breathing moment doing what he loves – conducting interviews and collecting footage of wave riding from all corners of the globe to create “Immersion”.

“Immersion” looks at every aspect of surfing – from its early history, to the evolution of surfboards, the science of surfing, the growth of the sport, development of competition, how surfing is portrayed in the media, the action and still cameramen, film editors, the business of surfing, and the counter-culture that has grown worldwide! “Immersion” takes you to some of the world’s most isolated, notorious and picturesque surfing locations, and covers all sects of the sport, from body surfing to body boarding, surf skiing to long boarding, and the latest- stand up paddle boarding. “Immersion” also looks at the Kings and Queens of the sport – from Duke Kahanamoku to 10- time World Champion Kelly Slater, and women’s world champion Stephanie Gilmore – they are all there, telling their story, sharing their knowledge and espousing their passion. ”Immersion’” is a must see for surfing enthusiasts of all ages.

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