Neale Bayly RidesNeale Bayly Rides
HD, 6 x 30′

Leading an eclectic band of travelers aboard BMW GS-800s and GS-1200s, veteran motorcycle journalist Neale Bayly headlines the three-part series.

Produced by Emmy-winner Linda Midgett, NEALE BAYLY RIDES: PERU follows a group of average riders with varying degrees of experience as they take the trip of a lifetime to Peru. They face unbelievable challenges through the deserts and mountains…but find it’s all worth it when their journey leads them to an orphanage.

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"You can’t go through something like this and come out the other side the same way."

− Neale Bayly

"A new docu-series called Neale Bayly Rides: Peru will have you trekking through extreme Peruvian terrain."

− Maxim Magazine