Purpose Over Dreams

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Purpose Over Dreams gives behind the scenes look at one of the most powerful high school programs in the country: AZ Compass Prep. The Dragons have been ranked the pre season No.1 team in the country, expected to win the Geico Nationals. At the helm is Ed Gipson, who has created a culture of winning, discipline and destination for highly touted players across the nation to come to AZ Compass and try to reach their goals of the NBA. Ty Ty Washington, currently an NBA player with the Milwaukee Bucks, has been poster child for the program, raising his stock as a senior and then attending Kentucky University. This season’s players are trying to follow in his footsteps, 5 Star players Mookie Cook and Kylan Boswell are the team’s highest ranked players. From an inaugural season 5 years ago with a concrete court, to now the favorite to win the national championship, AZ Compass Prep has entered the 2021 season with a target on their back.

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