Dangerous WatersDangerous Waters
HD, 34 x 60′

Follow the five Dangerous Waters crew members as they embark upon an epic adventure riding their Kawasaki personal watercraft from Canada to Greenland, over to Iceland and Scotland and finishing their journey in London. See these locations in all their majesty as these adventurers encounter wildlife, locals, fuel issues, mechanical problems, foul weather and rough seas. If you think waters are tough on fishing boats watch as these men battle the elements on Kawasaki personal water crafts!

Available Seasons:
Season 1: 10 X 60′
Season 2: 10 X 60′
Season 3: 14 X 60′
Season 4: Coming Soon

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"It is hard to imagine who was more stunned: the team of adventurers, or the Russian border patrol agents in an armored tank."

− NY Times

"The Canadian Coast Guard rescued a group of American adventurers who were travelling the Northwest Passage on jet ski"

− CBC News